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Sex Crimes

Sexual Assault cases carry severe penalties and stigma.  If you or a loved one is facing an allegation of sexual assault, you need an experienced trial lawyer.  George Freeman is a seasoned Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney and will gladly discuss your case with you.

Here are some points to consider regarding sexual assault offenses:

Some offenses do not require registration on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry, but most do.  And, of those offenses that require registration, many require registration for life.  

Sexual assault prosecutions are complex cases that impact the lives of every person involved.  Sometimes the Commonwealth has forensic evidence, like DNA, or is able to use statements from the alleged victim that would otherwise be inadmissible. 

The Commonwealth can also seek enhanced penalties with relative ease for more serious offenses.  A person charged with a sexual assault needs representation from an experienced Fairfax Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer in handling such matters.

Some cases of sexual assault do not require any sexual intent; the act alone constitutes the offense.  Other offenses do not require a criminal intent nor do some require the alleged victim to protest or resist.  

What's more, under Virginia law, an alleged victim's proclamation that he or she was assaulted is all that is needed to sustain a conviction.  Corroboration of the alleged victim's assertion is not required. This does not mean a jury will necessarily convict in such a case, but it demonstrates how much impact the words of another person can have.

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If you, or a loved one, is accused of a sexual assault in Fairfax County, contact our office today.  George Freeman is a seasoned trial attorney; if you are in need of a Fairfax Sex Crimes Defense Attorney, contact Mr. Freeman today.  We will gladly discuss your case with a free consultation.

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