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George L. Freeman, IV is a highly respected and accomplished trial attorney.  He has tried hundreds of cases and dealt with thousands more as a Senior Prosecutor in Fairfax County.  His expertise covers adult and juvenile matters in the general district courts, juvenile & domestic district courts and circuit courts of Virginia.  He has brought his vast experience to private practice and fully appreciates what is at stake when a person is facing a stressful legal situation.  

There is no substitute for actual courtroom trial experience. George has personally tried in excess of 60 jury trials, as the sole or lead attorney, the following types of criminal cases:

Murder - First, Second and Felony
Rape by Force and Incapacity
Arson of an Occupied Dwelling and Personal Property
Burglary with a Deadly Weapon
Abduction with Intent to Sexually Assault
Sodomy by Force
Object Sexual Penetration
Aggravated Sexual Battery
Threat to Bomb
Aggravated Malicious Wounding
Malicious Wounding by Mob
Malicious Wounding
Unlawful Wounding
Grand Larceny

And many more...

George has also tried hundreds of bench trials. This level of trial experience as a former prosecutor gives him a unique ability to analyze the Commonwealth's case and understand the evidentiary issues that can be both an advantage and an issue for an individual facing prosecution. 

When knowledge, skill, and real-life experience matter most trust in The Law Offices of George L. Freeman, IV - PLLC.

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Felonies & Misdemeanors

Felony offenses traditionally are defined as any criminal offense that carries a penalty of incarceration in excess of one year - that's the common law rule.   Simply put, felonies are more serious and life altering than misdemeanors.  Those convicted of a felony lose many civil rights and are unable to pursue certain professions.  Misdemeanor offenses, though not as serious as felony offenses, can impose lifelong hardship if you are convicted.  Some misdemeanor offenses are only punishable by a fine.  Though that is much better than facing a possible jail sentence, if you are convicted of a misdemeanor it could remain on your record indefinitely.  Currently, under Virginia law, misdemeanor convictions cannot be expunged.  A misdemeanor conviction is typically not the end of the world for any person convicted, but you should do all you can to avoid such a conviction.  Even having your dog off its leash is a misdemeanor in Fairfax County!  If you are facing a felony or misdemeanor charge, contact George Freeman today.  He is an experienced, seasoned Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney.


As you can imagine, there are several statutes that deal with assaultive conduct that is illegal.  Some assaults are misdemeanors, others are treated as felonies.  And within the world of felony assaults, some penalties include up to life in prison.  If you have committed a violent felony assault previously, the Commonwealth can seek a mandatory life sentence in some instances.  On the opposite side of the assault spectrum lie simple assault and assault and battery.  Virginia law prohibits even trying to strike or contact another person in an unwanted way, even though no touching occurred.  And, the least touch of another can be a battery punishable by up to 12 months in jail.  If you are charged with any assault offense, contact Fairfax Criminal Lawyer George Freeman today.  To learn more about assaults, both felony and misdemeanor, click here; sex crimes, click here.

Sex Crimes

No matter what the charge, sexual assault crimes and other crimes of a sexual nature carry stigma and life altering consequences if convicted.  Some sex offenses can carry mandatory terms of imprisonment, up to Life.  Many offenses require registration on the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry.  Notwithstanding the severe implications of such a conviction, sex offenses can be very difficult for the Commonwealth to prove.  Sometimes the issue is a matter of consent – consent is an absolute defense unless the charge is strict liability.  The issue could concern identity, venue, or whether the act even occurred.  Depending on the case, the Commonwealth could have evidentiary problems standing in the way of a successful prosecution.  A defendant charged with a crime, sexual in nature or otherwise, has a Sixth Amendment Right of Confrontation – if this right is not honored a case may not be able to proceed.  George Freeman has extensive experience handling sexual assault cases.  If you are facing such an offense, contact Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney George Freeman today to schedule a free consultation.  To read more about Sex Crimes, click here.


Virginia has several Maiming statutes.  Essentially, Maiming is causing serious bodily injury to another, or at least intending to do so.  Maiming is a specific intent crime.  This means an individual charged with Maiming not only causes bodily injury to another, but does so with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or kill.  In addition to causing bodily injury to another, if you shoot, stab, cut, or wound another person with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or kill you could be found guilty of Maiming.  If the injury causes permanent and significant physical impairment, you could face a maximum penalty of up to Life in prison.  What's more, it does not matter whether you intended to cause the permanent and significant physical impairment.  There are defenses, however, to Maiming charges.  Some defenses include: accident, mistake, self-defense (justified or excused), mutual combat, heat of passion.  Some of these defenses absolve you of liability; other defenses will reduce the offense grade and punishment range.  To read more about Maiming, click here.  George Freeman has handled dozens of Maiming cases and is an experienced Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney and trial Lawyer.  Call him today to schedule a free consultation. 

Driving Under the Influence

There are a lot of bars and restaurants in Fairfax County and nearly all of them serve alcohol.  After a few drinks, people often feel they are fine to drive home.  But, under Virginia's driving while intoxicated statutes, they may not be.  Remember, an officer can stop a driver for the smallest infraction – you need not be all over the road in order for an officer to stop you.  And if there is any sign of impairment, you could be arrested for a DUI and required to provide a breath or blood sample.  What's more, if you are a .08 a judge can infer you were intoxicated while driving.  Technically, a person could be convicted of DUI even if they were under a .08. Click here to learn more about DUIs in Virginia.  If you are charged with a DUI contact Fairfax DUI Attorney George Freeman today.


Burglary, Theft & Property Crimes

There are numerous statutes in Virginia which prohibit taking another's property in an unlawful manner, or in using or entering another's property in such a manner.  Whether a simple trespass or unlawful entry, both of which are misdemeanors, or a felony such a Burglary (Breaking & Entering) or Grand Larceny, these offenses have serious consequences upon conviction.  You could receive a jail or prison sentence, be banned from a shopping center, or convicted of a crime of moral turpitude.  A larceny occurs at the moment of a taking and slight asportation – returning the property does not undo the act of larceny.  And a burglary is committed even if you do not commit the unlawful act upon entry if you nonetheless had the requisite intent.  These offenses can be complex to prove and, more importantly, complex to defend.  If you need a seasoned trial attorney to assist you in your case, contact Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney George Freeman today.  To learn more about larceny, theft and other property crimes, click here

Domestic Assault

Emotions can run high in the home, especially during this time period of social isolation.  Sometimes those emotions boil over into a physical altercation.  Who was the aggressor?  Who was acting in self-defense?  Who even called the police?  Did anyone want anyone else to even go to jail?  Those are all issues that have to be decided during the court adjudication of a domestic assault charge.  In Virginia, if a police officer responds to a call for service in a domestic dispute, he must arrest whoever appears to be the primary aggressor – no real exceptions.  The law gives very little discretion to an officer in a domestic situation.  Before you know it, a family member is charged and the family unit may be in even greater distress.  If you, or a loved one, is charged with Domestic Assault, contact Fairfax Criminal Lawyer George Freeman today.  To learn more amount Domestic Assault, click here.

Marijuana, Controlled Substances & Drugs

While marijuana is being decriminalized in Virginia and elsewhere, it is still unlawful to possess.  And in certain amounts after July 1, it can still be a criminal offense to possess it.  That aside, it is still a felony in Virginia to possess any Schedule I or II drug without a valid prescription.  And for some Schedule I/II drugs, no prescription can be obtained – LSD, PCP, MDMA – those drugs are always illegal to possess.  Add to the possession an intent to sell and you could be facing serious consequences.  To learn more about the law of possession in Virginia, click here.  If you are charged with a drug related offense, contact George Freeman today – an experienced Fairfax Criminal Attorney.


If you were charged with a felony or a misdemeanor and that offense was dropped, dismissed, nolle prossed or you were found not guilty after a trial, you may be entitled to an expungement.  An expungement petition that is granted requires by court order the law enforcement agency to destroy any records relating to your arrest and prosecution.  Further, your arrest record will be removed from your criminal record.  It is a method of trying to remove the taint that even an arrest record can bring though you were never convicted.  People often have difficulty obtaining the job of their choosing because employers see your prior criminal history, even though you were not convicted.  If you are interested in pursuing an expungement, contact Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer George Freeman.  To learn more about expungements, click here.

Juvenile Delinquency

Juveniles that engage in conduct that would be a crime if committed by an adult can be “charged” with an act of delinquency pursuant to a petition.  A petition is the mechanism by which the Court obtains jurisdiction over the juvenile.  If a juvenile is found delinquent of a criminal act, he can be placed on probation, ordered to detention, or committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice.  For exceptionally egregious conduct, a juvenile offender can be certified as an adult.  To learn more about Juvenile Delinquency, click here.  If you are in need of a Juvenile Justice Attorney, contact George Freeman today. 

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture is a process in which the government seeks to seize and forfeit your property.  The government will then either sell your property and keep the proceeds, or they will use your property as if their own.  In fact, the property becomes the government's if they are successful in a forfeiture proceeding.  If your property is subject to forfeiture, you must be charged and convicted of a particular offense which permits forfeiture; if you are not found guilty the property will be returnable if demanded. This procedure most typically occurs when the government alleges your property – car, money, other valuables – was used in substantial connection with drug dealing.  Once the government files an Information, you have a limited time period within which you must file an Answer.  To learn more about civil asset forfeiture, click here.  If your property has been seized, act quickly and contact a Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney today – George Freeman will gladly meet with you and discuss your situation. 

Civil Matters

Civil litigation typically involves conflict between private parties.  If an individual believes they have suffered harm or a detriment by another, they may have a civil remedy.  If they are successful, a civil court can enter a judgment in their favor for damages or issue an injunction or enter a declaratory judgment declaring an individual's legal rights.  At issue most typically - money, personal property, or real property rights.  If somebody owes you money, or if they have caused you harm, breached a contract, damaged your property, stolen your property, overstayed their welcome as a tenant – these are all civil matters that can be resolved through negotiation and settlement or trial in court.  Whether you are the plaintiff (the person aggrieved or harmed) or the defendant (the person accused), a skilled trial lawyer can help.  To learn more about civil matters, click here.

George Freeman has lived in Fairfax County his entire life.  After graduating law school, he spent nearly a decade as a Fairfax County prosecutor.  Now he brings his knowledge of the law, and expertise as a trial attorney, to private practice.  Understanding how the system operates is invaluable - before law school, Mr. Freeman worked as a bail bondsman, then as a Deputy Clerk with the Court.  There is no substitute for real life, courtroom experience.  Mr. Freeman has tried hundreds of bench trials, and numerous jury trials.  He has vast experience in motions practice where lawyers try to set the rules and parameters of a trial in advance - knowing what motions to file ahead of trial and which issues are more appropriately addressed in trial can make a dramatic difference.  It is also crucial to understand the law of evidence in Virginia.  If an attorney fails to understand the applicability of the rules of evidence, a winnable case can be lost with one wrong objection made or an objection not made.  When knowledge, skill and experience matter most to you, or a loved one, trust in an attorney who has the background and trial record to handle your case.   

Contact George L. Freeman, IV today at (571)407-7084 or [email protected]


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