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An individual who is facing the consequences of criminal prosecution - which in some instances could result in the loss of personal liberty, the right to vote, or the right to possess a weapon - should be represented by an attorney who has the requisite knowledge, skill and experience navigating Virginia's criminal justice system. Whether charged with a traffic offense or a crime of the most serious in nature, we can guide you through the unchartered and often turbulent waters that lie ahead.  We fully understand that the consequences of prosecution impact not only the individual charged with an offense, but impact his or her loved ones. 

Civil matters also have serious and lasting consequences.  Though one's liberty is not at stake, money, property and other legal rights are at issue.  Whether you have been injured due to another's negligence or there is a dispute over the obligations in a contract, civil matters that cannot be settled privately often end up in a courtroom to be resolved by a judge or jury.  Each side must present their case, and to prevail that effort can only be accomplished with an advocate who understands the justice system and knows how to effectively and persuasively try a case.

George L. Freeman, IV is a highly respected and accomplished trial attorney.  He has tried hundreds of cases and dealt with thousands more as a Senior Prosecutor in Fairfax County.  His expertise covers adult and juvenile matters in the district courts, juvenile courts and circuit courts of Virginia.  He has brought his vast experience to private practice and fully appreciates what is at stake when a person is facing a stressful legal situation.  When knowledge, skill, and experience matter most trust in The Law Offices of George L. Freeman, IV - PLLC.


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