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Assaults, Sex Crimes & Violent Crimes in Fairfax, VA

Assaults, Batteries, Sexual Assaults and other Crimes of Violence range in severity in both conduct required to sustain the offense and in punishment.  

To read more about each area of criminal conduct in Virginia, click the following links:

Violent Crimes (including Murder, Manslaughter, Maiming & Robbery)

Sex Crimes (including Rape, Sodomy, Abduction with Intent to Defile, Object Sexual Penetration, Carnal Knowledge, Aggravated Sexual Battery & Indecent Liberties)

Domestic Violence

George Freeman is a seasoned trial attorney, former Fairfax County prosecutor and now a Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney.  He knows the criminal justice system and understands the elements each offense require to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt and he knows the legal defenses available to an individual facing prosecution.  Contact him today for a free consultation.

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