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Sex Offender Registry

Most, but not all, sex crimes require registration.  Many, but not all, crimes against children also require registration.  Some crimes committed against individuals that are mentally incapacitated or physically helpless also require registration. 

A person convicted of certain crimes must register on the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry in Virginia.  Those offenses are:  

  • Any offense listed on the Registry.
  • One must register if they are required to register in another state for an offense committed in that state even if that offense does not require registration were it committed here in Virginia. 
  • Even if the crime committed in another state does not require registration in that state, you must register in Virginia if you reside here and the offense is similar to an offense requiring registration here.
  • Some offenses require registration for at least 15 years, some for at least 25 years, and some for Life. 
  • Some offenses require registration only after you have been previously convicted of like offenses. 
  • Other offenses only require registration if the victim is a minor or has another disability. 
  • Some offenses always require registration. 
  • For juvenile offenders, registration may be up to the court's discretion. 

To see which offenses require registration, click here

If you have an issue with the Registry, or if you are charged with an offense which may require registration, contact Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer George Freeman today.  

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