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Free Initial In-Person Consultations.  **I will gladly meet with you virtually through a video messaging app like Zoom, What's App or Google Hangouts.** 

Criminal Matters - I typically charge a flat fee for criminal or traffic cases.  That means that you pay a set amount for the case.  Whether we go to court one time or several times, whether we have a trial or a plea is entered, whether we have motions on one date or several dates, the fee is set.  This gives certainty that no future legal bills will be coming. 

If the charge is a felony, the flat fee may be broken into two parts - the preliminary hearing phase and the circuit court phase.  The preliminary hearing phase, ideally, will be the place where the case is resolved.  If that is not the case, an additional flat fee will apply in the circuit court. The amount charged for each case depends on the nature of the charge, the circumstances surrounding the case, and the complexity of the issues - a free consultation, in-person, is the only (and best) way for me to assess your case and set a fee.  Depending on circumstance and the amount of the fee quoted, payment plans are possible but not guaranteed.  

Civil Matters - Civil matters may be set on a contingency basis or an hourly basis or as a flat fee.  Each case is different and would require a free, in-person, consultation.

Payment Options - Cash, Check, Credit or Debit Card

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