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Case Results

Each and every case is different.  You must not infer that a result in one case will predict the result in a different case.  The case results listed on this page highlight in a general sense favorable outcomes achieved.

  • Acquittal: Indecent Exposure

    In a case that involved an allegation of Indecent Exposure in a correctional facility, Court could not conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the Defendant acted intentionally to so expose in an illegal manner.  Bench Verdict: Not Guilty.  Read On

  • Obstruction & Threats Dismissed

    Felony Obstruction and Threats in Writing (also a felony) dismissed at preliminary hearing for lack of sufficient evidence and a technical matter involving venue. Read On

  • Drug Charges Dismissed as Equitable by Prosecutor

    In a circumstantial case alleging constructive possession of marijuana and prescription pills, charges dropped at preliminary hearing based on equitable factors in favor of defendant...this outcome was due to the exercise of discretion by the prosecutor after circumstances of defendant's backgrou... Read On

  • Sexual Assault Preliminary Hearing - Dismissed for lack of Probable Cause

    After the Commonwealth presented evidence alleging a Rape had occurred, district court dismissed the case finding probable cause had not been established. Read On

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