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Domestic Violence & COVID- 19

Domestic Assault or Domestic Assault and Battery incidents typically result from high stress interactions between family or household members.  The stress our society is currently under will certainly contribute to an increase in Domestic Abuse allegations.  Police officers in Fairfax County that respond to calls for service related to domestic violence have but one choice, usually - to arrest.  If there are any visible signs of injury, or if a party makes an admission to an unwanted touching, the law requires the officer to make an arrest.

You need an experienced trial attorney to handle your case if you are charged with a family related assault.  The consequences of conviction, and even those associated with the "first offender" program can be life altering.

What's more, the law of assault and battery in Fairfax County (and everywhere in the Commonwealth) does not require that the person battered sustain an injury - bodily hurt is not required.  The least touching of another done in an angry, rude, insulting or vengeful manner is sufficient to convict of a battery.  With tensions high in the home and tempers flaring, a minor incident could result in a custodial arrest, a night in jail, a 72-hour protective order being issued - all before the case is even brought to court for resolution.

Adult couples may be what first comes to mind regarding Domestic Violence, but altercations between siblings and parents and children also fall under the category of Domestic Assault.  All of the same consequences and issues apply.  A Fairfax County Domestic Assault attorney can help guide you through the unpleasant experience dealing with the criminal courts as well as, if necessary, trying the case and presenting a defense to the charge.

George Freeman has extensive trial experience and has dealt with hundreds of Domestic Assault cases in Fairfax County, both as a prosecutor and more recently as a defense attorney.  Contact Mr. Freeman today, an experienced Domestic Assault attorney, to discuss your case, in-person, with the initial consultation free of charge!

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