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George L. Freeman

George was born and raised in Fairfax County.  He graduated from Fairfax High School and then from Virginia Tech.  After working as a bail bondsman and then as a deputy clerk for a criminal court, he attended the University of Baltimore, School of Law.  He graduated in 2010 with the degree of Juris Doctor, manga cum laude.

He spent 9 years in the Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office as a Prosecutor.  When George left the office to open his own practice he was a Senior Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney.  Over the years he handled thousands of cases and tried over 50 jury trials and hundreds of bench trials (judge without a jury).  George dealt with cases involving family members, juveniles, adults, even companies charged with a crime.  He specialized in Sexual Assault prosecutions with both adult and child victims, but also prosecuted Drug Offenses, Violent Crimes including Murder & Manslaughter, Arson, DUI, and Property and Financial Crimes.   

George's path has been much the same as his grandfather.  When his grandfather graduated law school he worked in the same office, the Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.  After four years as a prosecutor he left the office for private practice.  He spent the next 50 years representing individuals all over the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Now George is fortunate to follow in his footsteps. 

In the trial arena, he is uniquely qualified because of the extensive experience he gained as a prosecutor appearing in every court and before every judge within Fairfax County.  As a prosecutor George's duty was to follow the law and seek justice; that is what he did for nearly a decade.  A lawyer in private practice has an equally important duty - to zealously represent the interests of his client.  To do this, a lawyer must be ready to take a matter into the courtroom and engage in the battle of trial.

Our constitutional system of governance, and our cherished values of liberty and self-determination, mandates that when the state seeks to deprive and take away the life, liberty or property of an individual his cause is competently presented and zealously defended.  When private citizens end up in a civil dispute, a lawyer must be ready to represent his client's interests in the same purposeful, deliberate and skillful manner.  

Contact George L. Freeman, IV, today if you have a matter of legal concern.  He will gladly meet with you to discuss your case. 

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  • Abdul A. Recommends George L. Freeman

    George was an outstanding lawyer. Very informative and most importantly extensively honest. Provided above and beyond help as well as very connected in the courts. Not the type of lawyer to collect a check and do the bare minimum. Highly recommend George in the future.
  • Chris C. Recommends George L. Freeman

    George Freeman is a very knowledgeable and reputable lawyer. I have known him for several years now and would recommend him to anyone.
  • Jim H. Recommends George L. Freeman

    My wife and I contacted George Freeman for guidance on constructing a solid will and testament. With the coronavirus situation, we were worried that we didn't have an established plan of action concerning our family.  George listened to all of our concerns.  He explained probate here in Virginia ...
  • Brucie B. Recommends George L. Freeman

    By far the best attorney in VA!!! George is very professional and keeps a great rapport with his clients from beginning to end of your case! He literally saved my life!!! I guarantee you making a great decision hiring George L. Freeman!!!
  • R. B. Recommends George L. Freeman

    I've known George for many years, first as a colleague in our previous roles, and now as a fellow member of the defense bar. Simply put, George is one of the most brilliant legal minds in Virginia. He is one of the few lawyers I trust to go to with any legal question, no matter the subject. His n...
  • Michelle M. Recommends George L. Freeman

    I was fortunate enough to have George represent me in a car accident case I was involved in. I was left a bit traumatized from the crash and I was super nervous about having to deal with court matters. I cannot begin to express how thorough and professional he was. From the first meet at his offi...

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